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jyA-Me is an experienced Japanese Music Artist, DJ, Producer, and Songwriter, who has extended her base of operations and network to Atlanta, Georgia USA, home of the biggest Music and Film location in the Eastern United States.

ICE : Yokai The Jeweler
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06/17/24-4:52 pm
06/17/24-4:52 pm

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jYA-Me began her love of Music and Dancing at a young age in her birth town of Hokkaido Japan before relocating to Yokohama, Japan. Its here where her deeper journey into music extended to Modeling, DJ’ing, Songwriting, Production, and Performing.

After her debut song, “I hate you feat.SHUN” debut at #1 on iTunes R&B as well as the USEN charts, with Japan’s premier and dominate music companies, King Records she established herself as a top tier Artist in the Japanese Market.

After going Independent and releasing 2 successful albums. jyA-Me joined international partners: Qrea8 from Japan & QoreBase from the USA, as the foundational Artist and Ambassador for their cross national mission to bridge and evolve Music and Entertainment between the markets